We aim to accelerate the application of discoveries in cancer care through the fusion of human wisdom, data and technology.


The best care delivered seamlessly to people affected by cancer.

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Who we are

Cancer Digital Intelligence (CDI) is a research and innovation program within Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

We aim to achieve our vision through an ambitious strategy that will cultivate an adaptive digital environment that accelerates the spread and scale of digital innovation.

Our approach is grounded in partnering with patients, health teams and researchers to reimagine the future of cancer care.

What we do

CDI’s program structure is built on a strong foundation in Data Science and Analytics that will enable progress in our three strategic domains: Discovery Integration, Care Innovation, and Business Intelligence.

These elements are interconnected and allow us to leverage the power of digital intelligence to create the academic cancer centre of the future.

Bridging the clinic and lab to enable the exchange of data, tools and ideas that accelerate discovery. We aim to:

  • Seamlessly collect high-quality research data at every patient encounter.
  • Entwine data to advance discovery.
  • Accelerate the application of new discoveries in the real world.

Using digital innovation and service design to improve and streamline the continuum of care. We aim to:

  • Streamline and tailor the patient experience.
  • Enable access to care anytime, anywhere.
  • Augment health teams’ capacity to deliver patient care.

Harmonizing data and analytics to inform strategic decision-making and optimize care delivery. We aim to:

  • Unlock real time and predictive analysis to guide organizational decision-making.
  • Evaluate and enhance service delivery models.
  • Optimize clinical workflows.

Developing robust data infrastructure and deep expertise to advance novel applications of data science and artificial intelligence methods. We aim to:

  • Build expertise and capacity for large-scale data sharing, access and science.
  • Advance our understanding of data ethics and biases.
  • Lead the emergence of human-compatible artificial intelligence.

Our Foundation and Strategic Domains

strategic domains

Our core principles and enablers

Nimble strategy that adapts to the changing landscape

Pragmatic approach that balances quick wins, high-risk ventures, and long-term sustainable impact

Leverage digital tool sets and skill sets that will shift mindsets

Commitment to advance research and innovation while transitioning solutions towards operational partners

Partner with patients, health teams, researchers, organizations and industry

Engage and collaborate with clinical, education, research and digital leaders to drive meaningful change

Work with us

At CDI, we believe that collaborating with patients, health teams, researchers and external partners is essential to advancing cancer care.

Opportunities within CDI and across UHN

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CDI Spark Award

The CDI Spark Award will provide financial support ($20,000) to four basic science trainees and give them access to data science and machine learning expertise to help them uncover previously unseen trends in their data.


Machine Learning Challenge

This challenge will tackle the issue of ROI segmentation for radiation therapy in head and neck cancer. The goal of the challenge is to engage ML experts and clinicians in an open competition to explore their computational limitations in the space of object detection and contouring in medical imaging.

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Grand Challenge: Cancer Digital Intelligence: Scalability

This challenge is open to applicants from all UHN campuses across all disciplines. Projects should have clear trajectory and show alignment with one or more of CDI’s foundation and strategic domains. Funding will be awarded in the form of resources and expertise to support technical deployment activities and implementation at the Princess Margaret.

Meet our leadership team

Our team brings together a wide range of unique expertise in clinical care, research, informatics, product management, implementation, evaluation and data science.
Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach allows us to bridge the gap between clinical care, research, technology, and innovation in a changing landscape.

Alejandro Berlin
Medical Director
Profile image of Ben
Benjamin Haibe-Kains
Scientific Director
Luke Brzozowski
Partnership Lead
Tran Truong
Director, Data & Technology
Kelly Lane
Director, Operations & Project
Profile image of Mike
Mike Lovas
Director, Design & Innovation
Tony Tadic
Imaging Platform Lead

Our partners

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    (1/3) 🎉 Exciting News: Our WangLab team has won first place in the 2024 MEDIQA Clinical NLP competitions for the second consecutive year! 🥇🥇

    This year, MEDIQA 2024 has two tracks: 1) Medical Error Detection & Correction; 2) Multilingual & Multimodal Medical Answer

    Researchers at UHN, @UofT and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence developed an AI model to help transplant surgeons in making decisions about lung transplants.

    It can categorize lungs as unsuitable for transfer, or likely to do well.


    👀We're looking for our 2024-2025 Spark Award Cohort!

    Registration is now open! Basic science PhDs and post-doctoral fellows @UHN, apply for:
    ➡️ $20K funding
    ➡️ Webinars
    ➡️ Mentorship in #datascience and #ML

    📅Registration closing April 30th


    This #WorldParkinsonsDay, hear from Catherine O’Hara on the transformative work at @UHN, like deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s patients.

    Join our #UHNITED campaign and support groundbreaking health care advancements!

    Donate today ➜ http://UHNITED.ca


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